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Who is Bécassine?
Who is Bécassine? Bécassine is a young provincial Breton girl turned housemaid as viewed by the sophisticated Parisians. In her region it is a common belief that those with large noses are highly intelligent. Bécassine herself however has a tiny nose in keeping with her simple ways and manner.

Her nickname of "Bécassine" is also the name of a small bird that isn't considered very bright. She frequently has misadventures in her travels, hence the nickname. Her real name is Annaïck Labornez.

Bécassine's origins

Bécassine is the earliest female comic strip protagonist. Her first appearance was on 02 February 1905 in the French children's magazine La Semaine de Suzette ("Suzette's Week"). 02 February is therefore considered her birthday.

Bécassine is dressed for misadventure

Bécassine child costume The child version of Bécassine's outfit is quite basic.

She wears a checkered gingham apron instead of a while one. The necklace of her green dress is different and includes a wide white collar and white long sleeved chemise.

In this version of her attire, she carries her red umbrella. Bécassine adult costume

As an adult, Bécassine wears the typical garb of a Breton peasant. Her lapped cap and wooden shoes are distinctive, as are her bright green dress and striped stockings.

During her many adventures around the world, she is never without her famous large red umbrella and checked bundle of her belongings.

Bécassine collectibles

The character of Bécassine was initially created by Pinchon and Caumery to fill a blank page in the children's magazine La Semaine de Suzette. She was so well-received that she continued to serve as filler until 1913, when she became the heroine of her own comic strips in the magazine. These were the first of the modern bande dessinées (literally, "drawn strips", the Franco-Belgian comics and graphic novels), the popularity of which continues to this day.

The comics featuring Bécassine have been collected into their own volumes and expanded with both a movie in 1939 and an animated film (Le Tresor Viking) in 2001.

Bécassine remains a popular character in France and Belgium to this day. Some items which feature her likeness: Chantal Goya

Bécassine's birthday

Bécassine celebrated her 100th birthday in 2005, and her 110th birthday in 2015 was commemorated with a Google doodle.

Bécassine Google doodle

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