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Franco-Belgian comic character Bécassine

Bécassine costumes and cosplay ideas


Bécassine cosplay ideas
Over the last few years, Bécassine has been rapidly becoming a popular character to cosplay for conventions and fan events. Her usual attire is simple but distinctive, and is easy to make if you can sew.

With the addition of a few purchased accessories, you can have a unique character costume that is not only suitable your cosplay, but could also be used for Halloween, Mardi Gras, or any costume party.

Bécassine is dressed for misadventure

Bécassine adult costume Bécassine wears the typical garb of a Breton peasant. Her lapped cap and wooden shoes are distinctive, as are her bright green dress and striped stockings.

During her many adventures around the world, she is never without her famous large red umbrella and checked bundle of her belongings.

Bécassine en enfance

Bécassine child costume
The child version of Bécassine's costume is likewise quite basic.

She wears a checkered gingham apron instead of a while one. The necklace of her green dress is different and includes a wide white collar and white long sleeved chemise.

In this version of her costume, she still carries her red umbrella.

Make your own Bécassine costume

Bécassine's costume is fairly easy to replicate since it is just peasant garb. There are quite a few commercial peasant costume patterns available for those with skill in sewing. Simplicity 8587 (Renaissance Costume Pattern Peasants), Simplicity 3806 (Renaissance Peasants' Costume Pattern), Simplicity 5582 (Misses' Renaissance Costume - Peasant, Lady in Waiting), and Butterick 6196 (History Peasant Costume Pattern) could all be used with modifications to the bodice and neckline. Butterick 6196 even includes a pattern for a cap similar to the lapped cap Bécassine wears.

Accessorize your Bécassine costume

In addition to the basic dress, apron, bloomers, and cap, you would need red and white striped stockings, Bécassine's red umbrella, and her checked carry-all. Plain brown shoes would suffice for footwear in a pinch.

Once put together, this would make for an excellent Bécassine costume!